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We are Father and Son duo Bill and Chad Williams.

Together, we share a passion for exploring the world around us – pushing each other to travel further, understand clearer, and look beyond.  This site is devoted to sharing our adventures and displaying the images we gather in search of the many forms of natural beauty.  Please enjoy our GALLERIES, come along on ADVENTURES with us, or read ABOUT HOW WE PHOTOGRAPH.
Cheers,  Bill & Chad  

Chad Williams

Chad was swimming before he could walk.  Between two and teenage, Chad discovered and chased an insatiable, childlike wonder that drew him to the ocean.  Everyday was a chance to snorkel, fish, or surf and be among the calmness of water.  He began scuba diving in 2000, at the age of twelve, and found photography shortly afterwards.  Since then he has cultivated a passion for photo and video editing, macro photography, and exploring all forms of water.  Living in Florida but traveling the globe to find waves, wildlife, and whatever catches his eye, Chad is on a constant mission to share the serenity of nature with others through his images.  He has become absorbed with exploring his surroundings, pushing himself further and beyond his comfort zone where the true beauty of life lies in wait – the outer fringes of mind and body.  With the guidance of this father, Bill, he has ventured out of film photography and into the digital age through underwater and DSLR astro work.  He volunteers as a surf coach for Special Olympics Palm Beach County where he shares his love of the ocean with burgeoning surf athletes. Chad accredits his ability to connect with nature and the people around him to his parents, Bill & Sandy, who have pushed him to pursue his passions and to never surrender to boredom.

“We all come from the sea, but we are not all of the sea. Those of us who are, we children of the tides, must return to it again and again, until the day we don’t come back leaving only that which was touched along the way.”

Bill Williams

Bill Williams is a father of two wonderful sons, Brett & Chad, and married 35 years to Sandy, who has been totally supportive of his seemingly boundless fascination with all things in nature, big and small, close and distant.  A practicing hospital-based pathologist for 33 years by day, leaves limited free time which is divided between attending Special Olympics events with athlete-son Brett, underwater photo/video expeditions with Chad, and astroimaging safaris with the whole family to the Chiefland Astronomy Village monthly.  Bill has been in awe of the subtle majesty and beauty of the celestial sphere since receiving his first telescope in 1966 and equally as spellbound by the gaudy riot of colors and forms of the tropical coral reefs since his first pre-certification scuba dive in the Florida Keys in 1968.  He is just as enthusiastic today as he was 50 years ago when he begun exploring nature.

“The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper” -Eden Phillpots

“Whether he sleeps or wakes, -whether he runs or walks, -whether he uses a microscope or a telescope, or his naked eye, -a man never discovers anything, never overtakes anything, or leaves anything behind, but himself” -Henry David Thoreau

“Equipped with our five senses – along with telescopes and microscopes… we explore the Universe around us and call the adventure science” -Edwin P. Hubble

“Nature composes some of her loveliest music for the microscope and telescope” -Theodore Roszak