Film Images

Images below taken between 1970 – 2000, using Nikonos III amphibious camera with a single Nikonos SB105 strobe.  The majority of the images below were taken through a 15mm f/2.8 UW Nikkor lens (94 deg FOV).  A handful of these film macro shots were taken with a Nikon UW Nikkor 28mm f/3.5 (magnifying ratio 1:6) and W Nikkor 35mm f/2.5 manual focus lenses – these setups utilized macro extension tubes and frames for ratios between 1:1 – 2:1.  Films used were Fujichrome 100 & 400 and Fujicolor 100 & 400.

Angel3 CoralShrimp Angelfish Moraybest Angie5contrast Uw neg-58 Baby BadBoysBoat2 My beautiful picture EnteringHole1 Chad&Cliona-1992 Benwood1 PinkMeanie2 BestButterflyfish BigStingray BillJanda boyz3sm brain brettturtlesm hatchling hawaii Diver Chad120feetdown chadduane2 Christ ChristKarla_1 Collage coral3 EPSON MFP image CoralGoodBEST CoralGreat1 Angelfishspots FishKarla FlamingoTongues HorseEyeJacks JellyKarla JoanneBenwood JoanneBenwood2BEST Karlaturtle mangrove1 MinnowCave2 MinnowCave3 Puffer My beautiful picture Uw neg-33 Uw neg-38 Uw neg-42 Uw neg-47 Uw neg-50 Uw neg-54 benw1 Uw2 Uw2_1 Uw3 uw4 WILLIA-R1-13A XmasTreeWorms 


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