Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs in North Central Florida is home to pristine water and expansive limestone cave systems.  In December 2014, we traveled there to meet up with local cave and cavern expert, Marissa Lasso.  We were met with cold, winter conditions – frost on sunrise, steam coming off the water, and nobody around.  Browse the pictures below or check out the video of our experience ON THE VIDEOS PAGE.

IMG_5787 IMG_5771 IMG_5767 IMG_5762 IMG_5759 Marissa4 IMG_5660 IMG_5654 IMG_5667 IMG_5645 Team1 Marissa6 IMG_5752 IMG_5733 IMG_5728 IMG_5689 IMG_5673 IMG_5725 IMG_5723 IMG_5719 IMG_5709 IMG_5693 Chad9 Chad3 Marissa16 Chad13 Team2 IMG_5895 IMG_5951


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