Grand Cayman

Focus Grand Cayman 2015 – In August, 2015, we traveled to Cobalt Coast on the West End of Grand Cayman to spend a week with Divetech.  The crystal blue waters and variety of life awoke our curiosity – the awesome cast of characters and great times stole our attention.  During the week, we did countless shore dives, explored the Kittiwake during the day as well as at night, and dove the beautiful reefs and ledges surrounding the island.  Chad took 3rd place overall in the Focus Grand Cayman photo contest while Bill took 6th overall – placing in the Video, Topside, and Macro categories.  Read about our adventures (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) and enjoy the gallery of images below.

IMG_1878 IMG_2000 IMG_2058 IMG_2839 IMG_2073 IMG_2097 IMG_2110 IMG_2165 IMG_2247 IMG_2284 IMG_2305 IMG_2364 IMG_2382 IMG_2552 IMG_2554 IMG_2577 IMG_2581 IMG_2586 IMG_2589 IMG_2592 IMG_2598 IMG_2614 IMG_2654 IMG_2691 IMG_2753 IMG_2779 IMG_2787 IMG_2797 IMG_2822 IMG_2919 IMG_2924 IMG_2939 IMG_1963 IMG_2954 IMG_2962 IMG_3009

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