Blue Heron Bridge

Blue Heron Blvd in Riviera Beach isn’t where most people expect a world-class dive spot to exist.  However, under the bridge on each high tide, the Intracoastal becomes something so much more.  Heavy current brings clear water from the Gulf Stream, allowing divers to slip in and experience some of the most bizarre and intriguing ocean life imaginable.

BlueHeronBridge2 IMG_4208 IMG_4236 IMG_1681 IMG_0254 IMG_0266 IMG_9233 IMG_3916 IMG_8335 IMG_7003 IMG_8804 Cwilliams-OctChall-1 OctopusGrabsCamera IMG_4357 IMG_0508 IMG_0494 IMG_0469 IMG_9204 IMG_4165 IMG_0182 IMG_0234 IMG_4052 IMG_0443 IMG_4042 IMG_4255 IMG_4276 IMG_8361 IMG_6107 IMG_6104 IMG_4390 IMG_9190 IMG_4384 IMG_8301 IMG_8309 IMG_8322 IMG_8328 IMG_8342 IMG_8355 IMG_8367 IMG_8426 IMG_8415 IMG_8371 IMG_8781 IMG_8788 IMG_8842 IMG_8840 IMG_8854 IMG_8864 IMG_8891 IMG_8904 IMG_8921 IMG_9173 IMG_9171 IMG_9167 IMG_9162 IMG_9212 IMG_9195 IMG_9155 IMG_9176 IMG_9179 IMG_9182 IMG_1650 IMG_1634 IMG_1630


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